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Featured Research: Powering the Wastewater Renaissance

Increasing energy efficiency through the adoption of readily available wastewater management technologies can slash related emissions by nearly half.

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Sustainability is at the very center of who we are and what we do at Xylem.  As a leading global water technology company, we deal with one of the world’s most urgent sustainability issues — responsible stewardship of our shared water resources — on a daily basis.  Our linkage to this huge, extremely urgent challenge informs how we think about sustainability and drives us to move with speed to become a more sustainable company.​



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 On October 31, 2011, Xylem completed its spinoff from ITT Corporation, and began a new chapter as a leading global stand-alone water technology company. Doing business in more than 150 countries, Xylem is a world leader in the design, manufacturing and application of highly engineered technologies for the water industry — providing equipment and services for water and wastewater treatment and applications that address the full life cycle of water.

Xylem is derived from the classical Greek word for the supporting tissues that help transport water and nutrients from a plant's roots to its leaves. In everything we do, our name stands for our promise to solve your most challenging water problems and to set industry standards in terms of water handling and technology. We know this is best achieved when partnering closely with our customers.

Comprising more than 12,000 people, Xylem is unified in a common purpose: creating innovative solutions to global water challenges. And, through our corporate citizenship and social investment program, Xylem Watermark, we bring clean water, sanitation and hygiene education to schools and communities in emerging markets and respond with water solutions around the globe.

Xylem offers a complete range of advanced water treatment systems across public utility, residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, environmental, government, construction and food and beverage applications.

Through these industries, and a large global installed base, Xylem transports and treats water and wastewater for water reuse, and offers technology to test and analyze water and other fluids. 


Xylem products play an integral role in numerous water- and wastewater-related applications around the world — covering every human need. Our products are often running 24 hours per day to ensure you always have access to clean fresh water and that dirty water is transported and treated — and safely returned to the environment and reused again.

Committed to improving energy and maintenance costs for a quicker return on your investment, Xylem offers energy-saving pump systems and valves and we’re a leader in variable-speed technologies that allow water pumps to adjust to system demand and perform far more efficiently. 

From dewatering and draining to biological filtration to water desalination, Xylem products are at the core of the water cycle. Our strong product brands will continue to drive our business forward in moving, testing, analyzing and treating water and are the essential building blocks of the Xylem brand.

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